What to worry about in 2018 (and what to do about it.)


1/ Is everyone hanging out without me?


Nope. Though the title of Mindy Kaling’s seminal book on FOMO (fear of missing out) Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (and other concerns.) is a great insight into the mind of a modern master and captures the essence of our daily worries, it should not be in your top five worries for 2018.

Google your way to a better new year


This series will tell you how to make Google your own personal investigative journalist and how to use crucial key words to keep up on the information you need about what you should really worry about – or at least concern yourself with and be informed about – in 2018.


If you are not using Google Alerts you are missing out on a great way to stay on top of the specific news and timely information you are interested in. It’s a powerful and free tool which scans the web for new content which matches your keywords.


In order to get maximum use out of the tool it’s required to know how to use google alerts effectively.


You should use it to stay informed about the most important issues of 2018.


How to set up a Google Alert:


Go to the Google alert page


From there it’s as simple as typing in a key words or term. Hit the option button to make refinements to how you want to be e-briefed and let the knowledge flow.



In this series of short articles we’ll reveal what you should really be worried about in 2018, and the key words you need to know to stay informed on the issues using the powerful Google Alerts as your personal investigative journalist.


These worries aren’t in order of importance or worrisomeness, they organized from most internal to external.


You can also use this technique to stay ahead of the information you specifically need. Set up Google Alerts to cover everything from what people are saying about you and your work/products to what bloggers and news outlets are reporting on the things you care about.


Up Next: What to Worry About in 2018 – Did you do your Best?


What are you worried about in 2018? What alerts are you going to be setting up?

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  1. Yes! I’ve been using Google alerts for years. I watch specific local events or hot topics, I watch long-game stuff that’s been in my little notebooks as things I want to be up on in retirement, I watch big ticket things I’m interested in buying or investing in, and that I need to understand and know as much as possible about before making a decision, and of course I watch my own name as many people do. Years ago my name appeared in relation to some hot topics and at some point I made a conscious decision to simplify my life and extricate myself from the touchy stuff that necessitated name monitoring. I’m amazed it worked exactly as planned. Google Alerts is a wonderful service. It’s like a personal assistant that reads headlines and browses a library for you every couple of days.

    1. Thanks John! These are all excellent ideas and a great practical review of the tool from experience.

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