The Fall of Women

   I came across the idea when we dove underwater megalithic structures off the coast of Brittany, France a few years ago near the site of a treasure trove of “fat lady” statues at Carnac.



It’s part of the oldest known sculptural tradition reaching back nearly 30,000 years. The very beginning of modern human society. The most famous of these statues is the Venus of Willendorf. The Venus of Willendorf made the news recently when it was censored by Facebook It is an 11.1-centimetre-tall (4.4 in) Venus figurine estimated to have been made between about 28,000 and 25,000 BCE. It was found on August 7, 1908 by a workman named Johann Veram or Josef Veram during excavations a paleolithic site near Willendorf, a village in Lower Austria near the town of Krems. It is carved from an oolitic limestone that is not local to the area, and tinted with red ochre. The figurine is now in the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.

The History of Love

It’s impossible to be close to the megaliths, as old as 7,000 years, without being impressed, not by the mechanics, but the logistics of such undertakings. I don’t believe much of what historians have said about using technology or slaves or whatever to move and erect the great stones of history. The details are a mystery lost to time but make no mistake – those kind of efforts are only done for love.
Once the human population roamed the earth as hunters and gatherers. A vast amount of ethnographic and archaeological evidence demonstrates that the sexual division of labor in which men hunt and women gather wild fruits and vegetables is an extremely common phenomenon among hunter-gatherers worldwide. This isn’t a controversial position. It is also non-controversial that these groups were very “flat” – without a firm leadership structure or hierarchy.


Using the word hunter is likely an exaggeration; the word scavenger would more likely be a better description of what went on until very recent prehistory.


Hunter/gatherer societies eventually discovered and learned to consistently harness the incredible power of domestic agriculture. This takes more know-how, insight and long term planning and patience than is imaginable now that the “secrets” of growing crops successfully are revealed to all. Agriculture was the turning point for human progress. Simply put, everything flowed from domestic farming – humans didn’t have to wander the earth anymore; they learned to live in villages, towns and cities.


So, now think about this for a second. Who invented agriculture and cities? Would it be the hunters or the gatherers?

Right… the gatherers, the people who were more settled in one place and dealt with the “gathering” part of the food supply. In other words – WOMEN.


Clearly women invented society as we conceive it today. Women invented cities. Women literally invented non-nomadic human culture and they did it using secret knowledge of the cycles of the seasons and understanding about how things grow and these secrets are built right in to their very being.


All evidence of ancient cultures from Venus statues found round the world to the star signs above us to the poetry of Enhinduana, points to a human society run and controlled and enabled by women. Women clearly once ruled over prehistoric society. Probably not at all in the way that we imagine “ruling” anything today because that very word is loaded to the brim with guy stuff.


So what happened? Women do not directly control all human society today. In my view, to get from a society peacefully controlled by women to where we’ve been for the last couple thousand years there must have been a FALL OF WOMEN. It would be comical if it weren’t so tragic. Maybe what we still today call the Fall of Man was actually the FALL OF WOMEN and the Rise of Man!

The Fall

The tradition is universal of the collective soul of the human race having sustained a “fall,” a moral declension from its true path of life and evolution, which has severed it almost entirely from its creative source, and which, as the ages advanced, has involved its sinking more and more deeply into physical conditions, its splitting up from a unity employing a single language into a diversity of conflicting races of different speeches and degrees of moral advancement, accompanied by a progressive densification of the material body and a corresponding darkening of the mind and atrophy of the spiritual consciousness.


All the evidence indicates that primitive humans, however childish and intellectually undeveloped according to modern standards, were spiritually conscious and psychically perceptive to a degree undreamed of by the modern mind, and that it is ourselves who, for all our cleverness and intellectual development in temporal matters, are nevertheless plunged in darkness and ignorance about our own nature, the invisible world around us, and the eternal spiritual certainties. In all Scriptures and cosmologies the tradition is universal of a “Golden Age,” an age of comparative innocence, wisdom and spirituality, in which racial unity and individual happiness and enlightenment prevailed; in which people were once in conscious conversation with the unseen world and were shepherded, taught and guided by the “goddesses” or discarnate superintendents of the infant race, who imparted to them the sure and indefeasible principles upon which their spiritual welfare and evolution depended.


How was this Fall sustained? It seems obvious that men – once supplied with all their food needs and relieved of the need to scavenge or “hunt” – probably became idle and this idleness, as idleness always does, led to mischief and that mischief is the source of all the human designed pain and suffering in the world today. Looking at the metaphor, isn’t that exactly the story that is being told in Genesis about Adam and Eve and the expulsion from the Garden? Man, tasting of the fruit effectively looses the plot and destroys everything by picking up a new thread for clothes. Man picks up the mantle and the rest is literally our history.


Our written history is a fragment of a story about what has happened after the Fall of Women. There has likely been lots of evidence of the goddesses and real women who once ruled the world. That evidence has been sought out and destroyed by the restless minds of men in the name of our religions for two thousand years; so much so that when we do find evidence of it – like the Venus’ found in Malta or Germany or wherever – we almost totally refuse to hoist in the meaning of what we are seeing.


In spite of all the cross lights flashing around us today I think the kind of love that built the megaliths is still apparent. It’s my view that ample evidence of the world before the Fall still remains in the cycles of women’s bodies and in the hearts of men in loving their mothers and worshiping women in the secret way that men do in spite of their own men’s religion, competitions and the daily affairs of all men telling them not to do it.

The most interesting book I’ve since read on this subject is THE LIVING GODDESS by Marija Gimbutas.
Marija Gimbutas wrote and taught with rare clarity in her original—and originally shocking—interpretation of prehistoric European civilization. Gimbutas flew in the face of contemporary archaeology when she reconstructed goddess-centered cultures that predated historic patriarchal cultures by many thousands of years.
Here’s a dramatic prayer of Enhinduanna:


Queen of all the ME, Radiant Light,
Life-giving Woman, beloved of An (and) Urash,
Hierodule of An, much bejeweled,
Who loves the life-giving tiara, fit for High Priestesshood,
Who grasps in (her) hand, the seven ME,
My Queen, you who are the Guardian of All the Great ME,
You have lifted the ME, have tied the ME to Your hands,
Have gathered the ME, pressed the ME to Your breast.
You have filled the land with venom, like a dragon.
Vegetation ceases, when You thunder like Ishkur,
You who bring down the Flood from the mountain,
Supreme One, who are the Inanna of Heaven (and) Earth,
Who rain flaming fire over the land,
Who have been given the me by An,
Queen Who Rides the Beasts,
Who at the holy command of An, utters the (divine) words,
Who can fathom Your great rites!
Destroyer of the Foreign Lands,
You have given wings to the storm,
Beloved of Enlil – You made it (the storm) blow over the land

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