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Introducing Amanda Rae

Amanda in California

Oh hey! I’m Amanda Rae Woodcock.


I’m from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Life has taken me all over the world since becoming an adult – I’ve lived in Massachusetts, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Moving on my own three times to areas where I had little to no friends was character building in a deep sense. Knowing I could build a life and home out of practically nothing but gumption was pretty exciting and made me a more confident woman! I’ve travelled, either on my own/with friends/or with John Wesley through Canada, the US, Europe and India. What adventures I’ve had!

Amanda Rae in Vienna

The Good Life

What I’ve learned from living and travelling the world is that I love people. The Good Life to me is being a part of a community, establishing meaningful relationships with smart interesting people. This affection for people led me to an education in psychology (Bachelor of Arts), then social work (Bachelor of Social Work, Masters of Social Work). My 15-year social work career has been diverse – working within child protection, child and youth mental health, addictions services and family therapy. What has this work taught me? That we can do self-improvement work individually, but we are stronger together: as couples, as families, as communities.


Amanda Rae in California

My hope for Timeless Life is to connect with YOU, our online community.

I plan to share stories about The Good Life and how to live it. There is great pleasure in small things: a tasty cappuccino while people watching at a local café, a coastal drive with my family, or watching my daughter learn a new skill. I have expertise in areas of self-improvement and healthy relationships, which I am excited to share with you all! There are many areas that I am still learning and I want to share these adventures with you as well. Right now I’m exploring how to be an active citizen, creative living/watercolour painting, and parenting a toddler to name a few…


Amanda Rae, John Wesley, and Dottie in Cannes, France.

So join us to talk about everything from Politics to Plaid, Twitter to Tweed!


Amanda Rae

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