Family Fun at The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Welcome to The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia!

Who knew that the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has tons of family fun events? I’ll be honest… I didn’t! But now I have officially attended Gingerbread Sunday, which was incredibly FUN! Not only has AGNS been running this event for over 25 years, but they also run monthly family events!

This is how family traditions begin.

Dot is only 15 months old and she helped make her first gingerbread house at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Gingerbread Sunday event. Surrounded by candy galore, all shapes and sizes of pretzels, “walls” of graham crackers and huge tubs of icing – We had ALL the building supplies for one awesome gingerbread house! Dottie’s Papa, John Wesley, was with us, but he was taking pictures versus BEING in the pictures. There were lovely families with adorable littles of all ages. I was SO impressed with their gingerbread house creations!

First Timers

To be honest, being a newbie at constructing a gingerbread house, I may have gone a bit minimalist in my design. I like to think that it was inspired by the folk art of Maud Lewis. I’m pretty pumped for next year – I’ll be doing my research ahead of time and ROCKIN’ my house – Just you wait!



Meanwhile, Dottie had THE best time munching away on her graham crackers, pretzels, and icing. Yea… She may have gotten a couple mouthfuls of icing. Now THAT was a treat.

Gingerbread Sundays – Running for over 25 years!

This lovely festive family event has been running for over 25 years! Isn’t that amazing? We spoke to Dale at the Gallery, who has been working at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia for over 18 years running the gallery events. Dale loves that she is now seeing graduating university students who have been coming to Gingerbread Sundays since they were young children. Isn’t that the “sweetest”? Can I say I am a HUGE fan of community traditions? Check out upcoming Gallery events here.

Maud Lewis

It was fun to also walk around with Dottie, looking at the Maud Lewis house and art. Maudie’s life is now a major motion picture. The paintings definitely caught Dottie’s eye, they are so colourful! Dottie already has an interest in painting, even at her young age. We hope to continue inspiring her creativity by enjoying diverse exhibitions at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Art and creativity, just for the sake of fun, is very important in our family.

Monthly Sunday Fundays!

Did you know that the Art Gallery has Family Sundays? One Sunday a month, between 1-4, they have a family drop-in artist facilitated event inspired by a specific exhibit or theme! I mean, c’mon… that’s pretty AWESOME! How did I not KNOW about this??? I’ve been telling ALL my friends. The Gallery also have programming, such as March Break camps, for children 3 and up. What absolute treasures our Art Gallery has to offer.  Find out more here.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

One last thing. As a certified coffee snob (I luvs my cappuccinos) – The Art Gallery has a PAVIA! Whaaaat? You may know Pavia from the Central Library – I know I do. Can I just say that their ham and cheese panini is DEEEEELISH? Not only can you feed your artist within – you can also just, well, feed yourself well at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia!


We hope to see you next year at Gingerbread Sunday!

What holiday traditions does YOUR family have?

Amanda, John Wesley and Dottie

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  1. You are so gorgeous, and it looks like you all had such a great time! I’ve surprisingly never been to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia so I’ll have to check it out in January when I go to Halifax. 🙂

    1. Oh shucks, Carmen *blushing*
      The Art Gallery truly is a bit of a hidden gem of Halifax. Visit, admire the exhibits and have a little lunch. Great date day!

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