Everyday Citizen – How to start your journey into citizenship

How does one start their journey into active citizenship… aka “politics”?

Step 1 – Find out what party best suits you, your values and your goals for Nova Scotia.


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As a social worker, I used to be weighed down by the reality of life day in day out day – face to face. For many years I avoided the local and international news, my soul just couldn’t take it. I couldn’t control the hurts of the world, I had to save my energy for those people I was hopefully helping at work, in my own community. Then I began dating a wonderful man (yes, John Wesley) who was totally immersed in the news… and I mean tooooootally. I had no CHOICE but to pay attention! Mostly because he made it so darn interesting. I was officially sucked into the vortex of government, policy, bureaucracies, and scandals.

This is my year to get more involved with what is happening in Nova Scotia. I volunteer with the Roots of Empathy program, helping the world one child at a time, but I want to do even more. So… to affect change in politics, I first had to figure out where I fit.

How does one figure out which party aligns best with one’s values?

 I did a fun little experiment to help myself in this area. I did several online quizzes.

Online quizzes? SURE!


In contrast with the political party systems of many nations, Canadian political parties at the federal level are often only loosely connected with parties at the provincial level, despite having similar names. One exception is the New Democratic Party, which is organizationally integrated with most of its provincial counterparts including a shared membership. (Wikipedia)

These quizzes are based on federal parties, which can differ in many ways from our Nova Scotia parties, and the 2015 election… but they will have to do for now!

Yes, they are based on federal parties, but it still gets the thought process going. Here we go!

Quiz One – Go To Quiz – Which Canadian political party should you vote?

Here’s my results. I can’t say the NDP result as being overly surprising… but Bloc Quebecois? Really? Who knew!


Quiz results NDP

Quiz Two – Vote Compass CBC 

Hmmmm. Now it looks like a three way tie between the Liberal Party, the NDP and the Green Party. Interesting!

Compass Quiz Results

Quiz Three – Quibblo

I was going to do this quiz – but lost faith in them when I saw that they spelled bureaucracy wrong…lol


Quiz Four – Politics Watch – Vote selector quiz

There you have it… NDP again, with a bit of Liberal and Bloc Quebecois in the mix.

Quiz Results

Quiz 5 –   Macleans – This or that?

What the what? Now we have my agreeing with the Conservative Party of Canada over 50% of the time? Huh!

This or that? Quiz



What have we learned, Amanda Rae?

I walked away with two thoughts:

  1. I do NOT know enough about issues and policies within Canada, so obviously also with Nova Scotia, to make truly informed opinions/decisions. Many of my answers for these quizzes were just guesses or gut instinct… not a great way to make choices for Nova Scotia or Canada!
  2. In one way or another, all of the parties suited my values… there was no clear “winner” from these quizzes.


So where does this leave me? What party have I chosen for myself? It’s left me confused. It’s left me determined to become more informed regarding the political process in Nova Scotia.

Up next…

Step 2 of becoming an engaged citizen – Get informed

I have some research to do about Nova Scotia political parties and policies.


I challenge you to have some fun and take these quizzes! Tell me if your results were a fit for you!

Amanda Rae

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